Wedding Photography: Why This Shot

This is my debut wedding photoshoot. I am going to share several photos that I took at the wedding shoot and tell you why I shot them, and with what settings I shot them with. I hope we all can learn from each other today, so leave your thoughts in the comment section below, please. Enjoy the read.

First Photo.

This is a very basic shot in my opinion. Just a basic shot of the venue, with invitees of the wedding ceremony. This whole wedding shoot happens during the Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, there isn't too many people on the venue. First, government regulations, and second, not all are brave enough to attend packed places, yet. Let's move on to the next shot.

Venue: Grand Mangaradja

Settings: 1/80 sec at f/4.0, ISO 2000

Focal Length: 70mm

This shot was taken at a church, HKBP Jatiwaringin Ressort, to be precise. Basic wedding shot, the bride and the groom enters the church ready for blessing from the priest at the altar. I shot this beacuse to me the backlight was beautiful. To be honest with y'all, the backlight was dramatized using a radial filter at Adobe Lightroom. Take out the Clarity & Dehaze, Boost up the temperature and exposure, and you should get the same effect.

Venue: HKBP Jatiwaringin

Settings: 1/60 sec at f/4.0, ISO 1600

Focal Length: 70mm

The now husband and wife is blessed by the priest at this shot. This happens at the altar and I shot this from 45 degrees to the right of the groom. In my personal opinion, this angle could've been framed better if I moved a couple steps forward and right to better show the grooms face. But, there was invitees right at the spot I wanna be and I can't go there so, it is what it is.

Venue: HKBP Jatiwaringin

Settings: 1/50 sec at f/4.0, ISO 1600

Focal Length: 160mm

In Batakneese culture, this event is named Mangulosi, named after the traditional Batakneese fabric, Ulos. Mangulosi literally translate to "giving Ulos." This moments is very special in Batakneese wedding event and couldn't be missed by photographers and/or videographers. I took this shot from this angle because we could see the Ulos crystal clear from this side, and the individual who was giving the Ulos could also be half-seen. I could've done better by moving left a couple steps, but there was a Band team right there playing Batakneese music.

Venue: Grand Mangaradja

Settings: 1/80 sec at f/4.0, ISO 2000

Focal Length: 138mm

To me, this is my winning shot of the event. I was so happy when I shot this. You see, I love shooting through objects, and the invitee was my object in this shot. Thank you, Mas/Bang/ or who ever should I call ya. This was when the husband and wife enters the wedding venue with a huge smile on their faces. I placed them at the third quarter of the frame, following the rule of thirds rule. I had a 70-200 mm on me, if I had like an 85mm, I probably could've aced this shot better.

Venue: Grand Mangaradja

Settings: 1/50 sec at f/4.0, ISO 2000

Focal Length: 89mm

That's all I got for this blog post, but if YOU want to see more of my shots, it will be available on

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May you have an amazing day, afternoon, night, dawn, whenever you're reading this.



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