Event Photography: Why I Love Shooting Through Objects

I’ve been shooting events for approximately three years right now. I know it isn’t much, but as an eighteen-year-old photographer, learning to get better each and every single day is my main objective. Back to the main topic, on why I love shooting through objects!

Shooting through objects to me just spices up your photos. At least it works for me and it has become a personal style that I implement on my event shoots from day to day. As you can see here, in this shot that I took, shooting through objects just literally up your photography game.

As you can see on this photo that I shoot, I used another guest as the foreground to help fill in the negative space. It adds depth. To me, it helps to emphasize the story that you wanna tell through your photos. There are a few things to consider, though.

First of all, don’t let your foreground block the main subject or the star of the photo. If this happens, you aren’t emphasizing the story, you’re making it hard for your clients. Although it’s okay to block only a part of your subject, but please, do not block your subject 100 percent.

Second, if possible, use the lowest aperture settings on your lens. If your f-stop is 4, use F/4 as your aperture. If your f-stop is 2.8, use F/2.8. Why is that so? Bokehlicious is something we wanna see. The better the bokeh, the better the emphasizing of the story is.

Third, just go with the flow. It doesn’t mean every single photo at the event must be framed and shot this way. This is just a variation that I love to do on my shoots.

I hope this blog is useful for y’all. Thank you for making it this far. Please share to your friends & family who might need this article. May God bless y’all.

regards, gp

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